Welcome to 2024!


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From Aaron Lieberman

Welcome to 2024!

Dear IOGA Members & Supporters,

This year has been extraordinary, culminating in our 69th Annual Meeting, Exhibitor Fair, and THAW fundraiser. I’m grateful for your active participation and support.

Our Annual Meeting marked a historic high in attendance, offering a chance to reconnect, share stories, and envision IOGA's future.

The THAW Dinner Gala & Auction was a resounding success, enlivened by Sister Karee and generously supported by our THAW Event Sponsors: Yellowstone Teton Territory, Three Rivers Ranch, Sockeye Brewing, Highlander Brewing, Middle Fork Lodge, Maravia, Darl Allred.

We extend our deepest thanks to our annual sponsors—Aire, Vista Outdoors, CBiz Sattler Adventure Sports, and Arctic Reservations—and to this year's conference sponsors and exhibitors. Your involvement was key to our meeting's success. We also appreciate the Agency representatives, Congressional Staff, and not least (!), gala and auction donors for your contributions.

Finally, I want to again thank IOGA’s President, Jeff Bitton, and Development & Events Manager, Hardy Bender, for all of the work they put into making this meeting the success it was.

More Meeting Highlights

East Idaho Chapter

We are thrilled to announce the creation of the East Idaho Chapter, spearheaded by IOGA Director Lonnie Allen. This new chapter symbolizes growth and new opportunities in the outfitting and guiding realm of East Idaho

Honorary Lifetime Award

Congratulations to Mike Lawson and Bob and Mary Anderson for receiving the Honorary Lifetime Membership Awards, a testament to their extraordinary contributions. That there is only a single plaque for all recipients since 1954 speaks to this honor.

Resource Manager of the Year

Kudos also to Camille Behr, our Resource Manager of the Year, 

“In recognition of your contribution to enhance communication, understanding and cooperation with individual outfitters  and the Idaho outfitting and guiding industry.”

Membership Resolutions

We're excited to share updates on several key resolutions. 

The 'Guide License Resolution - 2023,' which passed unanimously at the meeting (following pre-distribution to the membership for review and discussion at the meeting itself), has been approved by the Board of Directors.


Outfitted Hunter Allocated Tag Resolution

The “Outfitted Hunter Allocated Tag Amendment Resolution - 2023”  was introduced by motion of the Hunt Section at the meeting, and according to direction from Board of Directors, subsequently amended. It is being made available here for review and vote by the full membership. You can view the original draft for comparison here

Hells Canyon Dam Snake River Flows Resolution

The “Hells Canyon Dam Snake River Flows Resolution - 2023”  was introduced by motion at the meeting, and according to direction from Board of Directors, subsequently amended. It is  being made available here for review and vote by the full membership.

Trapping with Outfitted Hunters Resolution

The “Trapping with Outfitted Hunters Resolution - 2023”  was also introduced by Hunt Section motion at the meeting, and according to direction from Board of Directors, was subsequently amended and is being made available here for review and vote by the full membership.

Vote on Resolutions

Annual Meeting [Early] Resources

Over the coming weeks we will be adding Presentation Files, Handouts, and (in several cases) Recording Links to the IOGA member Backend (“InfoHub”). We will also be sending out reminder information about accessing the infohub itself.

In the meantime, below is a link to the Annual Review Presentation given (with effectively useless A/V) during the opening General Session, and several other early presentations/handouts.  

IOGA ‘23 Review Presentation
OGLB Presentation
IDFG Update to IOGA
Zebulon ‘Three Tickets to Profitability’
Meeting Summary & Links for Guides by S. Zettel
IOGA River Guide Training Presentation

Get Involved!

More on each of these to Follow Soon 

Dollars for Outdoors

Dollars for Outdoors is a way for outfitters to collect a small fee from their customers on behalf of the IOGA.

As presented on at the Meeting, this is a user-driven contribution (pass-thru) that allows the outfitted public to participate in the implementation of the IOGA mission and to protect and promote access to Idaho’s recreation areas for the general and outfitted public. 

Learn more →

Lobby Day 2024!

Volunteers and  Donations Needed! 

When: February 21-22, 2024 (Lobby Day Dinner and Capitol Visits on 2/22)

Where: Basque Center
Contact us at (208) 342-1438 or
[email protected] 

What: Lobby Day is an important event for IOGA members to connect with elected leaders, and share and gather information on industry related issues. Join us in Boise!

Volunteer/Donate →

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Some News & Reading for the New Year

IOGA Annual Conference:

A First in Idaho Falls

Discover the highlights and key takeaways from IOGA's groundbreaking annual conference held in Idaho Falls

Read More

Idaho Commerce Announces New Grant Cycle for Wild Rivers

Learn about the new round of funding opportunities available for projects focused on preserving Idaho's wild rivers.

Learn more

Photo Credit: IDFG

New CWD Case in Unit 32A Mule Deer: Important Alert

Important information about the discovery of Chronic Wasting Disease in Unit 32A's mule deer population.

Learn More

Photo Credit: IDFG

Idaho Fish and Game Bulletin: Quagga, Steelhead, and More

Get the latest insights on fish survival, steelhead restoration, and other important environmental updates.

Snake River Closure Specific Update →

Read more

Idaho Political Report: December 15

Important information about the discovery of Chronic Wasting Disease in Unit 32A's mule deer population.

Read More

a group of people with the text important dates to help plan your january

Photo Credit: IDFG

IDFG: Important Updates to Help Plan Your January

From tags sales to season closures, there’s a lot happening in Idaho during January that you should be aware of. Staying in the loop can be the difference between applying for that coveted controlled hunt tag and watching from the sidelines.

Learn more

O/G Management Plan: Decision Notice Signed

Not news to SNRA Outfitters…Review the critical decision notice signed by the Sawtooth National Forest Supervisor regarding the Outfitter-Guide Management Plan.

Learn More

How to Score a Middle Fork Salmon Permit…

Great MFS Focused Piece: Discover the breathtaking beauty and challenges of rafting along the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, a must-read for adventure enthusiasts.

Read More

Dos and Don’ts of Using Artificial Intelligence as an Outfitter

Via America Outdoors Association 

By John Kamman, Wholesum

In most ways, it seems as if the field of outfitting and guiding couldn’t be further from the world of artificial intelligence. Outfitting/Guiding is a domain grounded in reality: trails, rivers, and natural spaces - you can touch, breathe, see, and smell the tangibility of it. In what appears to be a very different realm, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is on the leading edge of advanced technology and untethered from our physical senses and experiences. While that might be true, there’s a wave of change coming in the world we share that is poised to affect all industries, regardless of their participation.

Read On
a group of people with the text important dates to help plan your january

Photo Credit: Trent Palmer via Outside Online

Adventure Awaits with Backcountry Barnstormers

Throughout the lower 48, recreational bush pilots are using their nimble planes and social media influence to spread the word about bold frontiers in flight: touching down on remote federal lands, flocking to little-used runways in designated wilderness, and drag racing one another for pure sport. Their capstone event each season, the High Sierra Fly-In, never fails to deliver hair-raising thrills.

Read more

a group of people with the text important dates to help plan your january

Photo Credit: Trent Palmer via Outside Online

Overtime Exemption Bill Introduced in House

Congressman Blake Moore (R-UT) and Congresswoman Brittany Pettersen (D-CO) recently introduced the "Outdoor Recreational Outfitting and Guiding Act" in the House. This bill  proposes to exempt seasonal recreation providers from the Fair Labor Standards Act's overtime requirements.

With the introduction of the Outdoor Recreational Outfitting and Guiding Act, we are moving closer to a regulatory framework that aligns with the realities of outdoor guiding and outfitting operations” said Aaron Lieberman, Executive Director of the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association. “

Track the Bill →

Read the Press Release

2022 U.S. Commercial River Use Report

Via America Outdoors Association 

America Outdoors has revived  its River Use Report, incorporating data from 2019 through 2022 to previously compiled data. While a few rivers did not share data in time for publication, the vast majority did, and they reveal a telling story about the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on river operators across the country.

Read the Full Report

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