IOGA Staff and Board of Directors

IOGA Staff

Aaron Lieberman, Executive Director

As a lifelong outdoorsman and ~15+ year professional rafting and fishing guide here in Idaho, Aaron has a strong connection to—and passion for—IOGA’s Mission, which is grounded in a commitment to the enhancement of quality outdoor experiences with, and conservation of, Idaho’s lands, waters, and wildlife.

In his role with IOGA, Aaron advocates for and represents Idaho’s outfitters and guides interests and values—in the Idaho Statehouse, with State and Federal Agencies, and in the national political arena with our Congressional Delegation and Industry partners.

Aaron revels in exploring new wilderness landscapes and wild rivers, at home and abroad, and has guided and undertaken private kayaking/rafting trips in Chile, Peru, Nepal, and most recently, Kyrgyzstan. Besides rivers and the running of them, Aaron enjoys trips in the backcountry, reading and listening to audiobooks, playing music, and loving on his dog, Chetco.

Hardy Bender, Development & Events Manager

Hardy Bender is an Idaho Guide living in Boise, Idaho. Hardy studied Management Information Systems at the University of Alabama with a minor in Computing Technology & Applications and a specialization in Business Information Technology.

Hardy is originally from Mobile, Alabama and moved to Idaho during college in order to become a river guide. He comes from a lineage of raft guides and outfitters and have been floating Idaho's rivers since long before he was able to remember the trips, let alone run a boat. However, he always knew that he would wind up guiding in Idaho.

He has now been working in Idaho's backcountry for almost a decade on many of our beautiful rivers. Throughout his time as a guide, he has developed a passion for our wild places and the outfitters/guides that enable people to experience them. As he likes to say: "Working as a guide presented me with the challenges and gave me the tools that I needed to become the person I am today. Now it is my turn to give back to the outfitters and guides that have helped me so much."


Jack Hurty, Salmon & Steelhead Coordinator

Jack is a born and raised Idahoan, and a veteran guide on the Salmon River. He was raised on a steady diet of free flowing rivers and wilderness peaks, and has been in love with both ever since.

He has a deep love and appreciation for what the river community has to offer, and feels strongly that as guides, we have a responsibility to fight for and protect the incredible ecosystems that we rely on. These feelings have driven him over the last several years to learn how to be a guide-advocate, complete a Masters of Public Policy, research the economic potential of dam removal for Idaho guides, and now to learn and contribute more as the Salmon/Steelhead Coordinator for IOGA. In his spare time, he enjoys backcountry skiing, reading poetry, and of course fly fishing.

IOGA Board of Directors

2023 Officers

President Jeff Bitton 2023    

Vice President Erik Weiseth 2024

Treasurer Anne Long 2025

Vice President, Hunting Steve Sobotka 2024

Vice President, Rivers Ari Kotler 2023

Vice President, R.E.C. Colby Blair 2024

Vice President, Guides Steven Zettel 2023

2023 Board of Directors

Gia Randono 2023 

Zach Crist 2023 

Roy Akins 2024 

Toby Wyatt 2024 

Caleb Viano 2024 

Doug Rigby 2025

Skip Volpert 2025 

Bekah Cain 2025 

Lonnie Allen 2025

Idaho Outfitters & Guides Licensing Board

Chairman Brad Compton (Email)

Vice Chairman [Vacant]

Board Member Tammy Overacker

Board Member Erik Weiseth

Board Member Dennis Skinner