Winter Activities



Contact Idaho outfitters to find the best snowmobiling in the state. With 10 national forests, huge backcountry areas and more than 5,000 miles of groomed trails, there is a lot to find. Idaho outfitters lead snowmobile trips that follow the trails of Indians, fur trappers, explorers and pioneers. They explore deserted mining towns and soak in natural hot springs pools. They climb to ridgelines with spectacular views in all directions.

Idaho guest ranches and lodges are the perfect home base for a snowmobile vacation. Run by knowledgeable outfitters, they are a good source of maps and information about an area. Tracks often begin at the front door. Hearty hot meals are waiting when you return.

Idaho has over 7,200 miles of snowmobile trails, more than any other western state, Idaho ranks among the region's top sledding destinations. . Twenty-nine grooming programs located throughout the state will guide you through some of the most spectacular scenery you'll ever see. Millions of acres of open riding exist on Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, State and private land. Run free through freshly blanketed valleys, across frozen lakes, and wide-open plains. Gas, food, and lodging are nearby in friendly Idaho towns, and many resorts and guest ranches welcome snowmobilers. Idaho borders Yellowstone, so skip the crowds and crank up the fun throttle.

Back Country Skiing

You won't have far to go to find spectacular winter landscapes for backcountry skiing trips in Idaho. Outfitters lead skiers to secluded cabins and huts for dinner with wilderness views and wildlife sanctuaries. They climb to mountain peaks and ski down.. They find natural hot springs and soak in them. Guides go from hut-to-hut or yurt-to-yurt for overnight treks in the Sawtooth, Boulder, Smoky, Pioneer and Teton mountains.

You can ski from remote lodges and guest ranches all over the state. They provide warm comforts after a day in the winter sun. You can also stay in Idaho's outdoors and learn to build your own snow shelters on outfitted winter camping trips.

Outfitters teach back country skiing of all kinds on all levels--from cross country to alpine touring, from beginner to advanced.

Snowcat/Heli Skiing

Idaho outfitters provide transportation by snowcat or helicopter to amazing Idaho ski areas in the Sawtooth, Boulder, Pioneer, Smoky, Selkirk and Brundage mountains. These trips can be customized for levels of ability -- providing "powder primers" for beginners or intense vertical thrills for experienced skiers.